Closeout and Seal Baseline Drill

I really like this drill because it teaches good closeout and teaches players how to seal the baseline (or sideline). A lot of times, I watch games and I see players getting broken down on the baseline drive. Or a team is attempting to set a trap, but they let the player dribble all the way down the sideline.

Basic Concepts:
1. Closeout, teach your players to chop their feet and to not jump on shot fakes. You can't trap properly unless you can closeout properly.
2. Seal, must beat their man to the baseline with a quick defensive slide. Make sure they are all the way to the baseline preventing their man from squeezing by them.

- 3 lines, dribble man, pass man, defense man. lines rotate clockwise
- defense man starts in one corner of the half-court, passes to the top of the key beyond the 3-point line. Runs hard to the opposite corner of the half-court.
- pass from top of the key to the opposite corner to the dribble man.
- dribble man tries to beat the defense man.

Teaching Points:

- have the dribble man do a shot fake, and see if the defender jumps. If they do, you must stop and teach them not to jump on shot fakes.
- the dribble man goes baseline first, watch and make sure each defender is sealing the baseline properly, all the way to the baseline. Call freeze if they don't and point it out.
- the defender should either force the dribble man out of bounds or back into the middle. If they allow the baseline drive, that calls for pushups or suicides. You can't allow that.
- switch ends to practice other side.

I really like this drill because you are practicing a couple of things in one drill. Proper closeout and seal baseline. This is a good mid-season drill to use to make sure your team stays sharp in between games.

For more great defensive drills including close-outs and defending the dribble penetration, check out Geno Auriemma's 8 Essential Defensive Drills DVD. Coach Auriemma is the head coach of multiple national championship winning lady Huskies of UConn.

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