Last weekend, I was able to attend a clinic held locally here in Vancouver that featured LA Laker trainers/coaches in Alex McKechnie, Chip Schaefer and Craig Hodges. Alex McKechnie and Chip Schaefer are trainers while Criag Hodges is one of their shooting coaches.

Though I didn't attend the shooting clinic in the afternoon, the strength training and stretching 2-hour clinic in the morning was average. I agreed with most of McKechnie's concepts of developing core strength and Schaefer had some good ideas on dynamic stretching, but there wasn't anything at the clinic that was of specific use.

Don't get me wrong, strength training is important. And with the advances in human kinetics, I think that athletes these days have many more advantages than most of us coaches did back in the day when we were growing up. I just feel that coaches aren't trainers. Players that are working on strengthening their core should be training with professional trainers, not coaches that know a little about training.

It's too bad I couldn't stick around for the shooting clinic, as I believe this is one of the most underdeveloped facets of the game.

Here is one of Schaefer's videos on training development,

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