Gonzaga Flex Offense

One of my favorite offenses is the Flex because it can create many mismatches with all the downscreens and gets the ball into the hands of your best players where they are most comfortable.

Among the teams that run the flex exclusively include Gary Williams at Maryland and Mark Few at Gonzaga. We'll take a look at Mark Few today. At Gonzaga, they've been running the flex forever and Few has continued that tradition.

The general setup is 3-2 with your forwards playing on the wings (keep in mind that in the flex, all players should be able to play all positions). The 1 dribbles to towards the wing and 5 sets the downscreen for 2 who gets the pass on the wing. If your players execute this basic motion well, 2 (your best shooter) should have an open shot.

On the weak side, the 4 will set a downscreen on 3 who will look to go to the corner but quickly loop around and through the key. Now, if 2 doesn't have an open shot, then he will look for 3 cutting through the key.

If you don't score off of 3 cutting through, than 1 will set a downscreen on 4 who will pop up to the elbow looking for the spot up jumper. 1 will spin around 180 and look for the quick pop to the basket and curl to the corner. If the ball goes to 4 who is well defended, than the flex motion will initiate (downscreens and popouts).

The key teaching points are proper downscreens and explosive pop outs. A good 2 should get a decent look everytime. If 3's defender is cheating underneath, you can have him cut high for a nice pull up in the middle of the key.

You can purchase Mark Few's Flex For Success DVD here.

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