It's one of the reasons why you need good shooting, to spread the floor and make sure that when you get into the lane either through penetration or post-entry, you can kick it out to the open 3-pointer shooter.

From tonight's game between the Indiana Fever and the Houston Comets, Katie Douglas of the Fever is definitely one of the players that you can't leave to help on penetration. Watch these 2 plays as the Fever are able to make the defense collapse, then the kick out to Douglas for the 3-pointer,

Another reason solid M2M, 1v1 defense is so important now that dribble drive is becoming so popular. Once you beat your man off the dribble, it causes all kinds of problems playing 5 on 4. Watch here as Tan White of the Fever drives baseline. Tina Thompson decides to leave Katie Douglas to help on the penetration.

The rotation comes late (as it usually does) and Douglas strokes in the first bucket of the game for a lead they would not relinquish the rest of the way.

I think the 3-pointer has changed the game and the way it is played. Offensively, it has helped to space the floor and made the game much more guard-oriented. Defensively, it has created a lot more space in the lane for post and drive opportunities. Of course, all of this means that the players have to be able to hit those 3-pointers...

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