In case you didn't catch this segment on ESPN, this is the interview with Paul Pierce's high school coach back in Inglewood, CA, Patrick Roy. I like the part about how Paul was almost cut from the Varsity team in his sophomore year, but when he got his chance (due to some other guys not able to make some games), he took advantage of it and never looked back.

A lesson to you younguns out there. Keep working hard on your game and stay confident. When your number is called, be prepared to contribute, play with confidence. Reminds me of the familiar Michael Jordan story about how he was cut from the Varsity team as a sophomore.

For me personally, I always like to keep up a good relationship with former players. I think it's important as a coach to have a connection with a player beyond just the season, winning the championship, etc... You hope that your players feel the positive impact you've had with them which hopefully will last forever.