I've finally had some downtime the past couple of days and I took that time to reorganize my inventory of coaching notes that I've downloaded the past few months. I updated the Downloads Page with the newest updates and I will try to upload some notes everyday. The new stuff (well some of it is probably old by now) is listed below,

Anyways, coaches, thanks for your support and happy reading...

Clinic Notes

Central Iowa 2007 2nd annual Clinic Notes
Billy Donovan UF Coaching Clinic
Bruce Weber Thoughts
Double Pump Clinic Notes
John Wooden Coaching Tips
Lisa Stone Clinic
Okshkosh Spartan Girls Basketball Manual
Percy Carr - San Jose City College Coaching Clinic
Todd Barry - Briar Cliff University


Matchup Zone Rules by CarlCarl2
Ernie Woods - Disruptive Pressure Philosophy
Jeff Lebo - Double the post
Creighton Burns - Point Zone
Tusculum Pressure Pack Line Defense
SIU Rush Drill, by coach Sixteenhorsepower
St. John's - Storming the Boards
Todd Voss - Concordia Defensive Philosophy
Vivian Stringer - 55 Full Court press


Beatrice, Omaha, Attacking Zones
Michael Pfeuffer Blocker Mover Offense
Coach LSU -Zone Quick Hitter Against 3-2
Dick Bennett, Blocker Mover Offense
Haefner - Winning Plays
Heath Millar, Frankston Basketball, 5-out Offense
Houston Rockets series
Iowa Press Break
Jim Seward - Offensive philosophy
John Carrier - Open Post Motion Notes4
Minnesota Timberwolves 1997 play book
Oregon's Open and Early offense
Perkins County - Oklahoma 1-4 Offense
Phoenix Suns Offensive sets
Rick Torbett - read and react offence
Stinson - 3out Zone Offense
Will Rey - Universal System for Attacking Presses


Australia Basketball Dribbling
Billy Gillispie In Your Face Pressure Defensive Drills
Brian Goorjian - bommers indiv def tech
Duke Drills for Defense
Duke Drive and Kick Drill
Frankston & District Drills 1.1
Gregg Popovich Spurs Drill
Haefner - Winning Drills
Herb Livsey Teaching Shooting
Johnston, South Dakota Women's - Offensive drills
KU Women's 1v1 Drills
Northeastern State - Individual workout drills
Purdue Intensity Drills
Sample Varsity Lifting Schedule
Sean Miller Offensive Improvement drills
shooting and conditioning drill
SMU 20 Shooting 20 Drills
Syracuse Running Program
Wake Forest - Competitive Rebounding Drills Diagram

Program Building

Basketball Team Dysfunctions
Bessen, St. Marys HS Girls Coaches Manual
Developing Your Coaching Philosophy
Errol Gauff - Team Building

Dribble Drive, Walberg Stuff

Memphis Off 24 pages
Memphis Blood Drills
Vance Walberg Scouting the Memphis DDM


FIBA Amadou Gallo Fall Basketball for Life
FIBA Matteo Boniciolli Side Screen Readings
FIBA Mike McHugh Defensive Transition
FIBA Joan Plaza Zone Offense, Fundamentals
FIBA Don Casey 3-2 and 2-3 Zone Presses
FIBA Ryan Krueger Coaching Terminology
FIBA Mario Blasone Neglected Fundamentals
FIBA Pete Newell How to go to the Rebound
FIBA Oktay Mahmuti The Secondary Fastbreak
FIBA Flip Saunders Pistons 50 Defense
FIBA Ernie Woods Statistics to Evaluate Defensive Performance