Brandon Roy is still a young guy by most NBA standards but he's already become one of the most dominant scorers in the NBA during his short tenure. I, like many of you, watched him in that incredible game against Phoenix where he scored 50+. It really is incredible how good a scorer B Roy has become. Like all great scorers, B Roy has developed an unstoppable goto move, a dribble pull-up jumper, something he can rely on to create his own shot against anyone.

In last night's game, the Blazers came from behind in the second half to beat the Raptors, largely due to B Roy and his goto move in the fourth quarter. I caught a few sequences that show B Roy in action,

The Mid-Range Dribble Pullup:

Every great scorer must have a goto move. Tim Duncan has his turnaround bank shot. Dirk Nowitzki has his elbow drive or shot. Kobe has the up and under reverse jam. What makes B Roy special is that he neither possesses the size or athleticism, speed or pure shooting of the greats. But he has created a great goto move nonetheless that he can rely on time and time again to score.

What's great about B Roy's mid-range dribble pullup is the unpredictability factor. He starts out with the dribble and at any point he can stop on a dime and pull-up and shoot. As a defender, it's incredibly difficult to guard. If you give him any space, he'll just pop it. If you crowd him, he'll put it on the floor and blow by you, or draw the defense in and find the open man. Add in ball-screens, and it's nearly unstoppable.

In each case here, B Roy has a deceptively fast quick draw off the dribble. That's his secret, it isn't that his stroke is anything special, nor is he an exceptionally dribble drive guy, it's just that he can stop and get into his shot very quickly. So much that most defenders don't have time to react,


For all you young players out there. Develop your goto move. Whatever it is, find something that you are comfortable with, that fits your skillset, and go about perfecting it. All great scorers have a goto move that they rely on to get those hard to earn baskets, against even the best of defenders.

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