In case you all didn't catch it, MSNBC recently aired a great hour long interview with Steve Nash. He talked about a lot of different topics including his biography of being a 6-foot-2 Canadian non-dunker to 2-time NBA MVP.

My favorite part was Nash talking about his philanthropy. It is well documented that a lot of professional athletes just do it for the tax breaks and PR. He doesn't talk about it much but Nash did a great thing 8 years ago. A grassroots league funded by the former NBA franchise in Vancouver, named the Junior Grizzlies looked like it was all but finished when the Grizzlies skipped town to Memphis. When Nash heard about it, he immediately stepped in to fill in the funding gap to keep the league going. 8 years later, the league lives on strong and is now named after him, the Steve Nash Youth Basketball League. Because of Nash, hundreds if not thousands of young basketball players continue to learn and participate in this great game, and for us coaches, that means a continuous flow of players.

Back to the game though, Nash also talked about the finer points of being a point guard. Specifically how the PG is an extension of the coach and at times, the PG needs to be a mother and/or a psychologist. The clip is here,

Credit tip: Truehoop and Huffington Post