I've watched a few Memphis Tigers games so far this season and I've noticed that Coach John Calipari has made some subtle changes to their dribble drive motion offense. They still run the ddm, but they made some modifications to it so that they are not as predictable and therefore more difficult to guard and scout for.

In this game against Arkansas-Little Rock, as you'll see, they still run the dribble drive motion offense, but they often start in a different set, and sometimes end a little different as well. Take a look,

Won't take up too much space, but just highlight a couple of important changes.

Box Set:

Instead of the standard 4-out 1-in, the Tigers often start out in a box or double-stack set. They usually run a couple of downscreens and baseline screens out of it,

They look for a quick hitter inside, and when nothing develops, they are into the familiar 4-out 1-in set,

Ball Screens:

Orthodox dribble drive motion does not rely on ball screens. However, the Tigers do use the ball-screen to spring their guards. Here, at the end of the shot clock, they run a high ball-screen,


The significance of all these small changes to me as a coach signals Coach Calipari's willingness to constantly improve and find new and better ways. As a coach, you can't always rely on the same scheme, same method, over and over. Don't be afraid to experiment, innovate, blaze a new path.

For another unique twist on the dribble drive motion offense, take a look at Keno Davis' DVD on his Spread Dribble Drive. Coach Davis was the 2008 AP coach of the year and head coach of Providence. Discuss this and the rest of your favorite basketball topics at the X's and O's Basketball Forum.