Of course coaching like any profession you can get bogged down in the details, in the day-to-day, and it's easy to forget what it is that we actually do. Ultimately, coaching is teaching young people how to learn through doing. Through guidance, they do and then they learn. It is my belief that not everyone is born to be a leader, but for those who are, those who have that innate ability, they require encouragement. And like any learned skill, they need the opportunity to practice how to be a leader. Team sports (like many other extracurricular activities) is where they learn how to be a great leader.

Most of you probably know Colt McCoy, the outstanding quarterback for the Texas Longhorns, nicknamed the "The Real McCoy" for his outgoing personality and leadership. Here, Colt talks to a group of high school students about leadership,

Here, leadership of a different kind. From earlier in the year, Florida State standout Myron Rolle on the opportunity to become a Rhodes Scholar, and his teammates taking about how Myron sets the example which they all hope to aspire to as student-athletes,

As coaches, I do believe it is our job to promote and encourage those who exhibit leadership potential. It's incredible to see what young people are capable of, if only that had someone to push them into the limelight, to provide opportunities for them to develop that inner hidden talent. I truly believe that behind every great leader are one or more great teachers.