Watched Game 2 last night and I thought the Magic did a good job adjusting their defense on Kobe after Game 1. After a slow start, the Magic also started hitting some big 3-pointers, especially Rashard Lewis. That team is just too potent to go through 2 games and to shoot so poorly.

Obviously, what doomed the Magic in Game 2 were the turnovers which led to points for the Lakers the other way. The one turnover by JJ Redick late in the fourth quarter was probably the biggest one overall. Though Dwight Howard was charged with 7 turnovers overall, I think some of those were a result of poor spacing and poor post-entry passes. Here is one of those turnovers leading to a Lakers fast break:

Even worse than the turnover was the slow reaction and poor transition defense getting back by the Magic. In contrast, I thought the Lakers transitioned into defense a lot better after their turnovers, getting at least 3 defenders back and forcing the Magic to setup in halfcourt instead.

In watching the post-game news conferences, I thought Phil Jackson of the Lakers made a great point. Going to Orlando, the fast-break transition advantages will most likely go the other way, the Magic will probably get more fast-breaks.

For more on transition offense and defense concepts, take a look at this 5-Star Basketball Series DVD on Transition Basketball by Coach Manny Bloom of 5-Star.