In an otherwise uninteresting upcoming NBA draft, the biggest story in my opinion will be whether or not the Knicks (who draft eighth overall) pull out all the strings to get Ricky Rubio who appears to be the perfect fit to quarterback D'Antoni's 7-seconds-or-less offense. The Knicks aside, Rubio is perhaps the most intriguing pick in this year's draft because of his upside but he's also the riskiest pick because of his youth and the financial cost it will take to get him.

It hasn't exactly been a secret that the Knicks covet the 6-foot-4 phenom out of Spain. Most "experts" describe Rubio as a slightly more athletic version of Steve Nash who possesses incredible playmaking abilities and unlike Nash is a stingy on-ball defender. But his buyout package will be hefty (could be up to $6 million), he's still learning to speak English, and at the tender age of 19 he will be tasked with leading a group of players that are both a generation older and a continent removed from him.

In some ways, this draft is the biggest decision the Knicks will make in the D'Antoni era so far. If Rubio falls through, they will probably go to their backup option in UCLA's Jrue Holiday, Brandon Jennings, or Stephen Curry. All three are solid picks and Curry is most likely a future all-star, but none fit the bill as good as Rubio, none have his upside in D'Antoni's system. If the Knicks don't end up with Rubio, both the Knicks and Rubio could regret it for years to come.