It's been a while since I've revisted the dribble drive offense with any depth and since John Calipari's DVDs have finally debuted, I thought I would release the hounds with Calipari's version of Walberg's system. There a few continuity-based halfcourt sets that Calipari has added to the system while at Memphis and will likely use at Kentucky. It will take a few posts to get them all through, but this is the first one.

Motion 5

To preface the diagrams, remember that at all times the goal of the offense is to get to the rim. Once a player gets into the 'rack zone', DDM terminology for 'in the key', the goal is to dunk it (or layup).

Ordinarily, O5 is down low, but in this case O4 is down low and O5 is up top. The continuity starts with O1 trying to beat his defender off the dribble. If he cannot get past, he passes to O2 who comes straight up from the corner. O1 loop cuts to the corner after the pass,

O2 attempts to take his defender off the dribble by turning the corner with a middle drive. O5 relocates cross the lane up top. O3 steps up out of the corner to the opposite free-throw line extended. O4 relocates block to block. If O2 is unable to turn the corner, he can find O4. If O4 is not open, then the pass goes to O3,

The same action repeats except with O3 driving and O1 in the opposite corner coming up to the opposite free-throw line extended,

Now, you can run that action over and over again, just like any traditional continuity offense like a flex, etc.. But you'll probably get predictable after a while and teams will start sagging to prevent those middle drives or you'll run out of shot clock and put up a contested shot.

However, there are a lot of option plays you can run out of the continuity like a 2-man PNR. Another interesting change-up could work as follows. Instead of the wing attempting to beat the defender off the dribble. You can pass up top to O5, if the defense is keyed on the ball, O1 can basket cut looking for the give and go lob from O5. If not there, then loop cut. O4 waits for O2 to loop cut before relocating, in the confusion, O4 may also open up. O5 passes to O2 on the wing and you're back into the same setup,

Well, the moment you all have been waiting for, Coach Calipari's DVDs are ready to ship. There are a total of 8 available from Championship Productions. 2 are combo-sets (3-pack and 6-pack) and the other 6 breakdown into:

- The Definitive Dribble Drive Motion Offense
- Developing the Dribble Drive Skill Set
- Breakdown Drills for the Dribble Drive Motion
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