Continuing from the last post, here is another continuity out of the Memphis-styled (now Kentucky) dribble drive motion offense. The intention here is to get the ball to O5 at the high post to attack his defender off the dribble.

Motion Drop 5

To preface the diagrams, remember that at all times the goal of the offense is to get to the rim. Once a player gets into the 'rack zone', DDM terminology for 'in the key', the goal is to dunk it (or layup).

O2 has to begin by v-cutting and trying to get backdoor, if open O1 should hit O2 on the basket cut. After O2 clears, O1 begins the dribble drive getting to the rack zone if possible, if at the drop zone and stopped O5 should come up to the free-throw line to receive a pass from O1. O3 and O4 fill once O2 gets to the corner,

O5 should look for O1 on the basket cut, if not O1 loop cuts to the corner, and the other players O2, O3, and O4 all circle fill. O5 should be 1v1 against a M2M, and the emphasis of this offense is to take advantage of this matchup,

If O5 cannot take advantage of the dribble, pass back out to O4 at the wing and O5 relocates to the ball-side low block looking for a postup,

O4 goes with a post-entry pass and relocates to the corner, O2 and O3 circle fill,

If O5 cannot postup, the ball goes back to O3 on the wing and clears to the opposite block. We're essentially back to the original setup,

Repeat the continuity from 1-5 above.

Again, the keys here are to look for the backdoor on the first sequence, get to the rack zone from the top, then isolate O5 in the high post or low-block. All players except O5 are interchangeable and should therefore possess all the required skills to drive, shoot, and pass. The players on the perimeter should be ready at all times for a catch and shoot from O5 or any of the driving players according to regular drive and kick principles.

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