Here in Canada, we have an annual amateur national competition called the Canada Games where teams representing their province compete in a few dozen sports and it is held in August every other year. For 2009, the games are held in the province of Prince Edward Island (in the Atlantic region of Canada). Basketball is one of the marquee sports with both U17 mens and womens teams competing. Of course being from British Columbia, I've been watching and rooting for Team BC (2-0 for mens so far, 3-0 for womens so far). If you are so inclined, all the scores are here, and if you want to watch it on TV you can see the TSN broadcast schedule here. Team Ontario is usually the favorite for basketball in both mens and womens but Team Quebec is good too and of course I'm rooting for Team BC.

This post wouldn't be complete if I didn't plug the Basketball PEI Coaching Notes blog, a good resource for any basketball junkie.