From a French drill notebook here is a good full court passing drill you can use maybe as a warmup drill at the beginning of practice, or maybe at the beginning of the season to emphasis good sharp passes, no drops, and speed. You'll need at least 2 players at a time, but can go with as many as 8 at one time. If you want to use the whole team you can have a line at the baseline. For benchmarks, you can set a time of how long it takes for the whole team to go through X number of times and if they miss the benchmark the whole team does extra pushups or suicides. You can also choose to add pushups or suicides for each missed pass or turnover.

Inside to Outside Passing:

In this drill, the inside players run the lane making the required, passes (chest, bounce, behind back, volleyball etc.) to each other.

At the far baseline the players peel off to their side line and run the outside
lanes passing over the top of the inside lanes.

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