Found some good handwritten notes from a coaches clinic retreat several years ago where Coach Steve Alford, currently the head coach of New Mexico, talking about his 3-in 2-out motion offense (Download the video clip here). In my opinion, it is similar to the blocker-mover motion except it uses the 3-point line as the delineation instead of designating roles. I've inscribed them below:

1. 3 in, 2 out motion. The '3 in' players use the college 3 point line and 'in' as their domain. The '2 out' players use the above the college 3 point line and 'out' as their domain.

2. The '2 out' players can only become one of the '3 in' players if they are backscreened by a '3 in' player. Otherwise, the '2 out' players should be positioned above the college 3 point line.

3. The first screener always receives a screen after setting one.

4. The '2 out' players must be able to react and pass. If pressured, and as the '3 in' players move, driving opportunities will exist for these 2 players.

5. Breakdown drills '3 in' players play '3 on 3' live with the '2 out' players passing without defense. The '2 out' players play '2 on 2' live with the '3 in' players going 3 on 0 -- no defense. The '2 out' players work on getting open.

To learn more about the 2-out 3-in motion that New Mexico runs, take a look at Steve Alford's DVD on the 2-out 3-in Motion Offense.