I only caught a few minutes in the early part of the fourth quarter of the Milwaukee Bucks game against the Memphis Grizzlies. But one defensive breakdown that will surely end up in the video review session for the Bucks will be this one where the rotation just didn't happen after the double-down on the post. Watch the video first, then read my comments following,

The guilty party here appears to be #24, Desmond Mason. When Mo Williams makes the commitment to double-down on the post, Desmond has to step up and take away that first pass. His partner #12, Royal Ivey then has to step up and cover the 2 players that are at the top of the key and on the far wing both behind the arc. Since the skip pass from the short corner all the way to either spot would allow the Bucks to recover, that is the only ones that we want to allow. #21, Bobby Simmons has to take away the dump down pass to his check, the cutter. This screenshot shows where the breakdown occurs,

I've written a number of posts on doubling the post. This is where your players should be after the trap,

If you want to learn more about trapping defenses, take a look at Jeff Lebo's DVD on half-court trapping techniques and doubling down. Coach Lebo is head coach at Auburn and provides a ton of great info on trapping and doubling. Don't forget to check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum to talk hoops with other coaches.