How many times have you seen it. It's the end of the game, the team with the ball has a chance to tie or win, they run their "game-winning" play. The ball goes up, hits the rim, it looks like the game is over but they get the offensive rebound and put it back.

It happens time and time again, and it's the most critical play at crunch time for both teams. Defending and executing an end of game play is one thing, but rebounding the miss, or regaining possession with an offensive rebound is crucial. It's the most important part of the end of game play in my opinion. Lets take a look at the Pistons and Celtics win their games tonight on offensive rebounds,

I don't usually like to talk about the team I'm helping to coach but one thing I do want to mention is that we're the best team in the state for our age group because of our players' ability to rebound the ball. We are never out of a game because of the simple fact that we pound the boards. One of our forwards is a throwback kind of player, reminds me of Moses Malone. Just relentless in pursuing the ball. We don't have to rely on 'making our shots' because we know we'll get a certain percentage back on offensive rebounds.

For rebounding information, check out Tom Izzo's DVD on rebounding and defensive drills. The best rebounding team in division 1 basketball, Michigan St, coach Tom Izzo's teams are always one of the toughest teams on the boards. Don't forget to check out the X's and O's of Basketball Forum to talk about this and your favorite basketball topics.