The legendary coach of UCLA needs no introduction. John Wooden sat down for a short interview on ESPN and he touched on a couple of things. Here is the interview, my thoughts are below,

- Respect, the no dunking rule. The problem isn't about the dunk itself, but rather about respect. The point that coach makes is a great one about selfishness, showmanship and having respect. Do you and your players respect yourselves, each other and your opponents at all times?
- Winning. "Players never heard me mention winning". This coming from the coach who won an unmatched 10 National Championships. "Winning is a by-product of the preparation and work we do. It's the journey that's the fun." Ask yourself, do you enjoy the journey or the winning?
- Improvement. "You're not going to make tremendous improvement in a day or 2, but you should be making a little every day. Eventually that's going to add up." Ask yourself, are your players improving every day? What are you doing to help them improve?