Like many of you, I read that SI article by Grant Wahl on the Memphis dribble drive motion offense. I had heard that the Boston Celtics were using it but I've watched a few Celtics game this year and didn't really notice it. I watched the first half of the dribble drive motion show tonight between the Celtics and the Nuggets and captured a few sequences to show you all how Boston uses the dribble drive motion,

Dribble Drive Drop:

The Celtics use the dribble drive quite a bit differently from Denver. First off, they don't have a break your ankles 1v1 guard like Allen Iverson. The Celtics usually use the dribble to draw help, and then they'll either kick out for the 3-pointer (where Ray Allen is automatic), or dump off to one of the forwards on the weak side for the easy putback.

In this sequence, Rondo goes hard to the basket from the top of the key, but because of help defense has to kick out. Notice how Pierce has dragged the arc closer to the corner so that the kick out is easier to make than all the way back to the wing,

Pierce doesn't have an open 3-pointer because the defender rotates and closes out, so he drives right into the lane attacking the basket. Draws 2 defenders and does a nice bounce-pass dump off for the easy putback,


Kevin Garnett played sparingly in his first game back from injury. I believe that when KG is not on the floor, the Celtics will go the dribble drive motion more. The Celtics don't use the dribble drive motion all the time either, they run a lot of post isolations for KG, stagger screens for Ray Allen and PNR for Paul Pierce. I'd say, they are probably use it 30% of the time. Also, the Celtics will use a lot of ball-screens to spring their guards as they can't always beat the defender 1v1 off the dribble.

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