Watched the first half of the Lakers game between the Nuggets last night and happened to catch this seemingly ordinary play. Just a failed pass from Carmelo Anthony to a teammate on the fast break that resulted in a turnover. However, as the color commentator remarked, Derek Fisher of the Lakers read the play because Melo had to switch hands to pass the ball. Now, this is not an indictment on Melo, because he's not a natural point guard, but it still underscores the importance to be able to pass with either hand. To be able to transition from dribble to pass without switching hands can be a very useful skill as seen below,

Normally, in the halfcourt, we teach players to make the pass with the outside hand, away from the middle where the defense is usually strong. Therefore, players need to be able to make that pass with either hand depending on whether they are on the left or right side of the court. In the fast break, it's just from dribble to pass, regardless of inside or outside.

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