Imagine the basketball brainpower in this room, Coach Mike Krzyzewski and his mentor Bobby Knight talking in a way too short interview on ESPN. On losing, I completely agree with Coach K, I hate it when our team deserved to lose. It's better to lose by 1 but deserved to win, then to win a game but deserved to lose. As coaches, I think we all can relate to the notion of losing that lingers. Unfortunately it's a part of coaching, I probably remember 90% of all the losses I've coached in. Meanwhile, I probably only remember 50% of all the wins, mostly the most important ones. Here's the full 2 minute interview,

Also, Coach Knight is completely right about today's kids. They've got so many things going on in their mind. I find it difficult to hold their attention for more than 10 seconds. As coaches, we have to be more creative in how we teach the game so as to build up that focus and concentration.

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