My goodness, in the past 2 games Lebron James has simply been dominating in the 4th quarter. Against the Pistons, the Cavs used a pick and roll and the Pistons just couldn't stay with. If they went underneath the screen, Lebron just got his running start then went around. On the switch, Lebron simply ran over top of Iverson is too small to guard. If they doubled, he found Z in the corner for the 3-pointer,

Against the Knicks tonight, the Cavs simply spread the floor because they knew that nobody on the Knicks could guard Lebron 1v1, and any help coming would leave a shooter open. The Knicks chose not to double, and so Lebron burned them. Look at all that space,

Enough to leave a coach scratchin' his head. Should we double, or not. Should we switch or fight through. The Cavs really look unbeatable at the moment. The only thing that I haven't seen a lot of teams try is to force double on the perimeter to get the ball out of Lebron's hands. Or attempt to trap him on the PNR.

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