From ESPN, this is a nice five minute segment with NBA legend Mark Price on the art of shooting the basketball. I love all the technologies that they use in the video. Probably more than us high school coaches can afford with our shrinking budgets. But I think all you really need is a camera and a laptop and you can simulate what they are doing in the segment. I think using video is a great way to show players where their faults and corrections are. It's a lot easier to show someone what they're doing wrong by watching it on replay than to re-enact it.

Couple of great points from the segment. Don't raise your head before the ball, let your arms and ball dictate the motion. A good symptom of this is when players end up fading away instead of finishing slightly forward.

We all know about keeping the shooting elbow in, but also talked about the follow-through. Mark Price emphasized finishing with two hands high, not something I've thought about but makes sense in terms of keeping your body square and not twisted.

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