UNC Fullcourt Shooting Drill

I like to use this drill because it works on a number of things at the same time, passing, shooting and conditioning. I first saw this from a set of notes from Roy Williams of UNC.

Some key points that coach Roy Williams emphasizes:
- 3 man break (no dribble)
- Trail players run down and receive pass from base-line players for jump shot
- Base-line players then break with lay-up shooter
- Continuous drill
- 115 made baskets in 4 minutes

Now you probably won't score 115 buckets in 4 minutes but it's important to set a goal for made buckets and if your team doesn't make the number, they do extra retribution like wall taps, pushups or more running.

On the first break below, P3 is shooting a 3-pointer. I usually only have our top 3-point shooter and second best 3-point shooter shoot, otherwise, the other players just do power layups.

I posted earlier with specific shooting coaching tips, I recommend Jay Wright's DVD with some great shooting drills. Coach Wright is the head coach at Villanova where he has coached some great shooters like Allen Ray and Randy Foye.

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