I found these clips from the High School Hoop which is DIME magazine's new high school basketball site. I don't pretend to be a big strength and conditioning guy but I think it's extremely important if you're working with elite basketball players that they get qualified training from a specialist. I know some high school coaches don't like these specialized programs but I think in this day and age, of all the things we know about sports medicine, it's important that players get proper instruction in this area.

This first one is just a basic pre-workout dynamic warmup example that some of you probably already do.

This next one involves tennis balls and works on basketball specific skills in quickness and agility.

There is a core set of DVDs that Alan Stein has produced that includes many of the workouts he does with his players. I recommend taking a look at them. Also, I have a few Alan Stein notes that might be useful, check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum to request them.