2-ball Team Shooting

This is one of my favorite drills for team shooting. You have groups of 3, using both baskets. You setup the clock to 4 minutes and the team with the most made baskets wins. The losing team has to do a set of lines, wall taps, and pushups while the next set of 3 vs 3 go. I've seen Jay Wright at Villanova run it in one of his videos as well.

Keys to the drill are:

- focus on spacing, make sure the players are spacing properly
- make sure the players are stepping into the pass and that the pass is chest to chest
- catch and step into the shot, watch your form.

I don't set a pattern on where players shoot. Basically they shoot, get the rebound, pass and cut to the other side. No shots inside the key. 3-pointers count as 2 made baskets.

It gets really competitive and really works on game situation shooting. It's also good for rebounding, passing and conditioning.

I posted earlier with specific shooting coaching tips, I've recommended Jay Wright's DVD before, but a new shooting video you might want to consider is Steve Smith's DVD on team shooting. Coach Smith is the head coach of Oak Hill Academy, the prep school powerhouse featuring famous alum such as Jerry Stackhouse and Carmelo Anthony. Check out the X's and O's of Basketball Forum for more notes on shooting.