Always a hot topic is the area of the press break. While my general philosophy is to keep things simple and to play through pressure by facing it straight up, at times you may want to use a little trickery to change things up. I read this several months ago and thought I would share with you all if you are indeed looking for a unique press break that will make the defense think twice about pressing you.

I first heard of John Brady at LSU using this but I'm sure a few others have used it in the past as well. The primary trick behind the play is the use of 2 inbounders.

Both P1 and P2 are on the baseline. P2 passes sideways to P1 who is also out of bounds. P5 comes and sets a downscreen for P2 who sprints down the floor. P1 makes a n over the top pass to a sprinting P2 (much like a football over the shoulder pass). P3 and P4 cut to the ball (in case P2 isn't open) clearing out for P2 then v-cut straight down the sideline to trail the play.

Now based on this basic 2-inbounder set the possibilities are endless. This should give the defense pressing you a different look that they might not have prepared for.

To see what other tricks are up his sleeve, check out John Brady's DVD on the press-break offense. I have some more notes on John Brady, so be sure to check out the X's and O's Basketball forum to see what I have.