As the season approaches, a lot of teams will be trying to put together a game plan on attacking various zones and matchup zones. I made this clip from Sportscenter highlights to show how you can attack a 1-2-2 matchup or similarly a pack-line type defense. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

So, what exactly is going on here. Pretty simple, it's a ball screen on Vince Carter's defender. Carter uses his speed to come off the screen and get into the high post area. X4 and X5 get sucked in allowing O4 to get underneath for an alley-oop dunk,

A lot of people make zone offense to be much more complicated that it needs to be. In this case, against a 1-2-2 matchup, you must get the ball into the high post area. Whether by dribble penetration or through a cutter, once you get the ball in that space, the defense must collapse allowing you to use baseline cuts underneath for easy backdoor plays.

I was watching a Bob Hurley Sr. video, and that's what he stresses over and over. Get the ball in the high post. When the ball is in the high post, the defense breaks down, and they start compensating.

Another key I believe is to put your best player in that high post area, don't put a marginal or role player there, it should be a player that is a threat to score, that way the defense will collapse naturally.

I've recommended Coach Mike Krzyzewski's Zone Offense DVD before but I'm also recommending Coach Jim Boeheim's DVD on the complete zone offense. Coach Boeheim is a pioneer of his famous 2-3 zone defense, what better person to explain how to attack it.

As usual, I have plenty of notes on zone offense so check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum to request them.