Ever wonder how Steve Nash works out? Got 20 minutes to spare? This clip is a full 20 minutes of Steve, uncut, running through a one-man workout. Just him, a hoop, and a ball, basketball at it's most basic level. If you liked this clip, go ahead and check out the complete DVD from Steve teaching all of the basic fundamentals of shooting, ball handling and passing.

Couple of parting thoughts from a coaches perspective:

- I love it how Steve still credits his high school coach and maintains contact. That is the ultimate player-coach relationship
- Steve is human like the rest of us, he even misses some gimmes, or as Steve describes it, "BRUTAL"
- He's always moving. He never stops for a break or even pauses to shoot. He moves from one spot to the next, grabbing his ball along the way
- He's dead tired at the end. Yes, this is really a workout and he really is sweating bullets

Anyways, if you really liked the video clip, I highly recommend you check out Steve Nash's DVD, it would make the perfect Christmas gift for your son or daughter or any Steve Nash fan for that matter.

Credit goes to one of our coaches from the X's and O's Basketball board for pointing this great clip out.


  1. Pedro Locko  

    February 12, 2010 at 11:14 AM

    This Video has taught me a lot and i love how steve nash is always moving! he never stops, and i think that camera man is such a good camera man! Anyways, Steve is always teaching me stuff and i am going to do this drill on my spare time. tell steve, "Thanks!"
    -Pedro Locko