I was doing my usual reading through the coaching notes that I have and came across this great quote from University of North Carolina head coach, Roy Williams, about in-game adjustments.

Coaching is about adjustments. Your game plan is only good for the first six minutes - the rest is all about adjustments. Coaching (and playing for that matter) is all about adjustments. You can and should formulate a game plan going in, but much of your team's success depends on your ability to make efficient and effective adjustments. As a coach you must be able make the strategic adjustments, but just as important, you must help your team make the mental adjustments that need to be made to manage the momentum of competition.

In reading the above, has led me to think a lot more about my past coaching experiences. To see if there were instances where an adjustment should've been made or when an adjustment didn't work. Or the mental state of players for a certain play or situation.

As coaches, I think it's important that we not only evaluate ourselves on the job we do in preparing for games but on how we do during the games. At our current school, the head coach and I talk constantly about how the game went and what adjustments worked, what we could've done better.

I highly recommend Roy Williams' DVD on Offensive philosophy. Not only does he talk alot about his offensive strategy but he also talks a lot about the adjustments that are mentioned. I have plenty of UNC notes so be sure to check out the X's and O's Forum.