Duke Inbounds for 3-pointer

If your team is inbounding the ball, one of the things you can look for as an audible, is whether or not the inbounder is being defended. If not, the pass back could yield a wide open shot as was the case from last night's game between Duke and Illinois. This will happen when teams pack the paint looking to defend the easy layup, and give up the inbounder instead. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

Duke starts out in a basic box set, standard in many inbounds play. Jon Scheyer, O1, the inbounder realizes that his defender is all the way in the paint, protecting the basket, this is his key to call an audible.

O4 pops out to the wing and receives the inbounds from O1. Seeing that his defender is still protecting the basket, O1 quickly goes to the corner after the pass.

O4 passes the ball back to O1 who has setup for the 3-pointer. X1 tries to closeout, but is too far away and too late. Scheyer lets the 3-point shot go and nails it.

Remember, you want to key on the inbounds defender. If that player is not defending the inbounds, that is your key that you can run a quick pass back to the inbounder for an open shot.

From looking at the video, it appears that X1 was designed to protect the basket. In my opinion, I've always like straight up M2M on inbounds. Though I think it is important to protect the paint, I think you have to rely on your players to play solid M2M. I'd rather give up a contested shot in the paint than a wide open 3-pointer.

For a great video on defense and rebounding, take a look at Tom Izzo's DVD on drills for M2M defense and rebounding. Happy Thanksgiving and be sure to check out the X's and O's Basketball forum to get your hoops talk fill.