Ray Allen hit the shot of the night in OT to give the Celtics the win, but I liked this play at the end of regulation by TJ Ford for the Raptors to tie the game. It's run very well and I think it's something that any of us could use in an end of game situation. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

It's a smart play because it combines a couple of great elements, the inbounder getting the ball back and the handoff. Here is how it sets up,

So Bargnani comes across while Bosh pops out. The mesh is suppose to act like a screen, but Bosh almost runs right into Bargnani. Anways, Bosh gets the ball up top from TJ Ford the inbounder.

Now, Ford heads directly at Bosh and gets the handoff, his man plays underneath but Garnett (Bosh's man) doesn't trap Ford because he's worried about Bosh on the roll so he lays off. This allows Ford to attack the basket beating his man and KG for an uncontested layup.

I like the handoff in this situation because it's safe and the likelihood of an intercept is low. The counter to this play of course is the fake handoff and Bosh pivots and attacks the hoop. This works well if the defense reads the handoff and jumps the handoff by getting out in front to trap the intended receiver.

For more game winning plays in special situations, check out Coach Morgan Wooten's DVD on Coaching to Win in Special Situations. Coach Wooten is the winningest high school coach in the history of basketball and one of my favorite coaching mentors. Also, check out the X's and O's Basketball forum for notes and other stuff.