As the college basketball season gets underway, I thought it would be prudent to scheme a secondary break from one of my favorite coaches and the AP Poll number one team to open the season, the UNC Tar Heels. Hope you enjoy the new Blog Template as well...


UNC likes to get O5, Tyler Hansbrough right away. If that option isn't there, they'll go into a variety of secondary breaks. The setup has O4 coming in as the trail man. and they'll start in a 4-out 1-in set.

O1, Ty Lawson will start on the right side and look to reverse the ball to O4 who can be Marcus Ginyard or Danny Green. O4 gets it to O3 the small forward.

UCLA Backdoor cut:

The play here is designed to get the ball to O4 coming off the UCLA cut from the upscreen set by O2, probably Wayne Ellington. O5, Hansbrough moves from block to block on the reversal.

O3 can either hit O5 on the quick hitter down low or the lob to the cutting O4 for an alley-oop dunk. It's hard to tell diagramming, but a bounce pass or straight pass wouldn't work as there is quite a bit of traffic, it really has to be a lob pass for a dunk or put-back.

Cross screen action:

Lastly, if the lob isn't there, O2 will set a shuffle ball-screen for O3. Simultaneously, O4 will set a cross-screen for O5. It's important that O5 come low-side for the ball.

O3 dribble drives to the middle off the screen and looks for O5, Hansbrough for a quick baby hook which he is so good at. Coming underneath is important here according to coach Williams as most teams will try to deny, this way O5 can pop up for the ball. O3 can hit O4 on the pick and seal as well.

For a great drill that works on finishing up strong on fast breaks, check out this UNC full court shooting drill.

Coach Roy Williams has a great DVD on his Secrets of the UNC secondary Break. As always, please check out the X's and O's Basketball forum to see what notes are available to download.