I meant to post this yesterday but got too busy. This is a great last possession play from the Maccabi vs Malaga Euroleague game yesterday. Will Bynum of Maccabi Elite is on a one-on-one with his defender and beats him for the straight up layup. What I like about the play is that it's simple and I like the set because there are some good options from it if you have a slashing point guard that can beat the defender off the dribble. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

Some teams like to take the last shot from the wing and you hear the term 'clear out the side'. I don't like running from the wing as much as from the top because from the wing, the defenders have a better position to force you baseline and trap you there. I like starting from the top because as the offensive player you have more options to beat the defender.

I also like the setup here in that the two forwards start out low. This way, the defense is way back and is at a disadvantage to stop penetration. Once Bynum beats his man with a great behind the back crossover move, the other defenders are not in a good position to help because the other offensive players are spaced out well. X5 is the only one to really make a play on the ball, and Bynum gets the basket using his body to shield himself from the block. What's great about this play is that Bynum could've just as easily done a 'Steve Nash' pass to Marcus Fizer, O5, for the dunk as well.

For more game winning plays and such, check out Kelvin Sampson's DVD on Special Late Clock Plays. There are plenty of ideas there that you should be able to use in your situations.
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