Watching the Pistons beat the Heat tonight, I captured this video from the highlights that features Pistons' guard Tayshaun Prince finishing it with a nice jumper. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

You can't actually see the formation at the beginning, but my guess is that it's a box set to start.

So O2 is Tayshaun, O1 is Chauncey Billups, O4 is Rasheed Wallace, O5 is Maxille I think. O3 is the inbounder but I'm not sure who it is.

Tayshaun comes off of a curl screen set by Rasheed who is facing towards the sideline. Now depending on how the defense plays, in this case Tayshaun's man is following/trailing so it's a catch and shoot. If the defender is cheating underneath, Tayshaun can pop out to the 3-point line instead and pop the 3.

For more information, there is a Winning Hoops DVD with over 70 baseline inbounds plays. I also have lots of inbounds stuff so head over to the X's and O's Basketball Forum to take a look and see what I have.