Chauncey Billups is one of my favorite players because of his ability to post up his man and use his size to score on smaller quicker guards. I liked this clip because it shows how you can gain a better position by passing, re-posting, then using your strength to over-power the defense. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

No need to scheme this one, Chauncey gets the inbounds. Tyrone Lue is defending him and does a good job of aggressively playing Chauncey. Seeing that Tyrone is on him good, he passes it back out to Rasheed Wallace up top. As soon as he passes it out, he repositions himself into the low block. He gets the post-entry pass from Rasheed up top, uses his strength to spin baseline and scores a short baby hook.

One thing that I try to teach my players is to constantly work for position, especially anyone playing in the post. Good post-play always starts with position, so getting the ball in a good position is essential. I posted earlier with Carlos Boozer showing some moves like the swim move and pick and post to gain good post position. If you get the ball in an undesirable spot like Chauncey does above, you can always pass out and reposition for a better post-up.

Tennessee assistant Jason Shay has come out with a couple of new videos. One of them is coach Shay's DVD on 18 post moves. If you're looking for some new moves or improving your post-up game, it's something worth checking out. I have Steve Alford notes as well as many others on post-play so check them out at the X's and O's Basketball Forum.