This is for all you Walberg, AASAA, and Calipari fans. This is a great behind the scenes look and frank interview with coach John Calipari talking about how he learned about the offense, implemented it despite heavy skepticism, and is now looking to use it win a National Championship. In case you are new to the dribble drive motion offense, check out this video and this post with my explanations of the system. Watch the video below and then you can read my thoughts below.

Now, if you've read any of my posts about this subject you'll know that I'm a big fan of it. I've never ran it myself but I find myself intrigued by it. Nothing to heavy, but some random thoughts about the interview,

- The story of how he met Vance Walberg, then a JC coach at Fresno, coming to watch Calipari's practices, and Calipari asking Walberg what he runs and adopting Walberg's system is really an amazing one. I mean, how many times does that happen?? A division I coach talking to a JC coach and then adopting the JC coach's system.

- I love how coach Calipari refers to it as "Princeton on steroids". That's actually a good description of it.

- I thought it was interesting when he said the system allowed his players to really let go, to play their game. He mentions that at UMASS, his biggest complaint from players was that he was holding them back.

- The quote about recruiting players is classic, "If you are a screener or post-up guy, we don't have anywhere for you to play". That pretty much means most of our forwards, hahaha.

- I like the competitive part of his practices, always keeping score and intense from beginning to end.

Since so much of this system depends on the ability of your players to dribble and drive, I think it's worth taking look at Lorenzo Romar's brand new DVD on 10 game relevant ball handling drills. Coach Romar is the head coach at the University of Washington and has helped produced NBA guards such as Nate Robinson and Brandon Roy.

There are also a plethora of notes from coaching clinics both Calipari and Walberg have done over the past year or so which can be found by heading to the X's and O's of Basketball Forum.