Duke's Backdoor Zone Buster

As the high school season gets ready to start for many of you, inevitably a hot topic for most coaches are zone offense sets and things to run. Watching Duke highlights this morning I found a couple of clips from Sportscenter showing a nice backdoor screen and cut by Duke that worked on more than one occasion in their win over Princeton. Watch the video and then you can read my thoughts below.

Remember, with the zone, the defense is reacting to the ball. So everyone jumps to the ball. So, one of the ways to beat the zone is to reverse the ball and go behind the defense to go backdoor.

A couple of things to note,

- Spacing, you must have good spacing against the zone or the defense will be able to guard more players at the same time while still jumping to the ball.

- Ball movement, I would say a minimum of 3 passes everytime you play against a zone. You can't be effective against the zone unless you move the ball.

- Back picks, the back pick almost always works against the zone because they defenders are watching the ball and not the man. When O4 comes up to set the back pick on X4, X4 doesn't have enough time to react before it's already too late.

If your a fan of Duke basketball and you want to know everything about the way their zone offense works, then you need to take a look at Mike Krzyzewski's DVD on Attacking the Zone. For more great basketball discussions, be sure to check out the X's and O's of Basketball forum.