Bruce Pearl of Tennessee was on Rome is Burning yesterday and talked amongst other things the season so far as well as coaching in general. He touches on the 'win right now' mentality as well as program building. A pretty good insight into a very interesting person. Coach Pearl is the kind of coach that you would want to win for, because you feel his energy, his passion for the game and his enthusiasm motivates his players.

Thoughts about the interview,

- Be yourself. Coach Pearl talks about coming out of the shadow of his mentor and how important it is to trust your own instincts as a coach. Don't try to emulate someone else, you are who you are.
- Be the face of something, Coach Pearl wants to be the face of Tennessee basketball. It's about creating a legacy, what do you want your career to represent in your own eyes.
- Pat Summitt, best coach in college basketball. She's always wanting to get better, searching for knowledge. Pat Summitt would be the best in whatever it profession she was in. Coach Pearl talks about learning so much from being around her.
- Coach Pearl truly cares about what his players think. He is emotionally invested with his players. He expects so much from them and they understand that.
- Coach Pearl lifts with his players and says it helps motivate them when working out at 6am in the morning.