I watched the Kansas game against Iowa St today, my second Kansas game of the season. I think Kansas is probably the most complete team in college basketball right now. The way they play half-court defense, it's completely impenetrable. While watching the game, this play came up and I thought it was a good opportunity to show how you can use what the defense gives you to your advantage.

As you scout opposing teams, if you see that on occasion the defense will face-guarding you on an under the basket inbounds, you should audible for the pass back to the inbounder. This is precisely one of the reasons why I don't like to face-guard the BLOB, and prefer to guard the inbounder the traditional way. Take a look how Kansas took advantage,

Screen the Screener BLOB:

The inbounds play really isn't very complicated, it's just a screen the screener inbounds. It's what happens right after the inbound that makes this work,

O2 sets the pick for O4, if O4 is open, O3 can hit him for the layup underneath. O5 then sets the pick for O2 to curl around to the corner to receive the inbounds from O3. Note, X3 is face-guarding and has his back to the inbounder, X2 and X3 both go to check O2.

O3 is now completely wide open because of the face-guard and slips right underneath the basket. O2 finds him for the easy lay in.


Always be prepared to change up what you are doing to match the other team. Basketball is all about adjustments and taking advantage of opportunities. For every defense, there is a way to take advantage. That is part of what I like about being a tactitian, finding the holes in the defense and taking advantage.

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