I only caught a few minutes of this late game between the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Clippers. But I caught a clip of this great play just as the first half was coming to an end. It's a blind double-team on the post and Al Thornton of the Clippers actually picks off the post-entry pass and goes the other way for a fast break. Watch the video and read my thoughts below,

It's one of the biggest challenges facing any coach, how do you stop a beast like Dwight Howard of the Magic. In my opinion, you need to throw many different techniques at him to throw him out of his comfort zone. Forcing him to catch the ball further from the basket, pinching him, monstering him, double-down on the catch, and as in this video, the blind double on the post-entry.

The blind double works well because as O3 attempts to clear out through the baseline, his defender, Al Thornton pretends to follow, but instead comes from behind Dwight Howard. Thus, the blame shifts to Carlos Arroyo of the Magic. As the passer, he must see the court in front of him and therefore he cannot make that pass. It's too easy to be picked off.

If you like doubling down and trapping and would like more ideas for your team's defense, take a look at Jeff Lebo's DVD on half-court trapping techniques. Coach Lebo is head coach at Auburn and provides a ton of great info on trapping and doubling. Don't forget to check out the X's and O's Basketball Forum to talk hoops with other coaches.