Just want to start by saying what a fantastic day in basketball. I watched about 6 college basketball games and they were all terrific. I even watched a couple of NBA games that were decent as well. As school gets back in session, I won't be able to watch so many games so I enjoy every minute of it. Lets start off with the shootout in Boston tonight. The Houston Cougars come in to face the UMass minutemen. It's remarkable how similar these teams play, all out run and gun. If you like fast basketball, you have to watch these teams play. I can't wait to see the Houston vs Memphis later in the year.

This sequence pretty much summed up the night for both teams. All fast breaks, early offense, and quick hitters. The one thing I noticed the most just in this sequence was how fast they transition off made baskets. It looks like the UMass player jumps to rip the ball out of the net, before landing on the ground, inbounds it across halfcourt. Now that's fast. Watch the video and I'll post some info from possibly the best run and gun coach out there,

David Arsenault's Run and Gun:

Coach Arsenault is the head coach at Grinnell College. I believe Coach Arsenault has used his run and gun to bring Grinnell to 2 NCAA appearances and a 63-1 record (could be dated now). Coach Arsenault states the following as his team's goals,

• Take 100 shots in the game
• Take 25 shots more than the opponent
• Attempt 50% of the shots from 3-point range
• Force 32 turnovers
• Get Offensive rebounds on 35% of your missed shots

Now, not all of the system is just rat-ball. For example, there are early offense plays designed to maximize 3-point opportunities.

If you are looking for more on the Grinnell run and gun, I highly recommend you take a look at Dave Arsenault's Running to Win DVD. Be sure to head over to the X's and O's Basketball Forum to discuss this and more of your favorite basketball topics.