If you are a high school coach looking for good offensive sets that are relevant for the HS level, you want to watch Utah Jazz games. Jazz coach Jerry Sloan is an old-school coach and still believes in passing, cutting, screening with a purpose. I've written about their 4-out 1-in motion offense that they use on occasion. Recently acquired shooter Kyle Korver said this about his new team,

"If I make the right cut or the right read, I'll be open, and I have a great point guard. The reason they brought me here was to stretch things out. If I'm doing that, it will open up things for everyone else. There's a lot more reads and sets than we ran in Philly. ... I think there's more weapons here where I'll be open more often."

It's no coincidence that the Jazz have more sets and play with more player motion than most teams and have one of the most efficient offenses in the league. The proof is in the numbers, as the Jazz are currently 2nd in the league in field-goal percentage at 48.9% and 3rd last season at 47.4%.

Here is a nice box set play with Carlos Boozer passing the ball from the high post. It's a very nicely designed play with the multiple options and player motion and results in an and1 play. Watch and I'll break it down below,

Box Double Curl Cut:

It's an extremely simple play. But it's a nice play because there are multiple options out of the set that work nice as a quick hitter,

Deron William's starts the play off by passing to Carlos Boozer who pops out from the ball-side elbow to receive the pass. O5 turns to the baseline and sets a static screen for O3 to curl around. O3 curls around first straight to the basket looking for the pass from O4. O2 moves to the other block.

After O3 clears out, O2 curls and basket cuts looking for the pass which does come this time from Carlos Boozer. Ronnie Brewer makes a dangerous spin move in my opinion but does get to the basket and also gets the foul call. If Ronnie isn't open on the second basket cut, then Mehmet Okur pops out after the screen for the open jumper.

I don't believe Jerry Sloan does many clinics, but if he did, that would be one I would not want to miss. I like the way the Jazz play. It may not be flashy and entertaining like the Lakers or Suns, but it's basketball in it's purest form.

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