Think Better Basketball Today

Now that the holidays are officially over and school starts tomorrow, you might be thinking about how to help bring up the level of play of you guards or forwards or both. Maybe you're looking for more ideas on a particular skill development. Better Basketball has the video instruction you're looking for. Their state of the art teaching methods will help anybody of any level featuring some of the best pros showing you how they get it done. Check out some of their videos,

- Better 1 on 1 Offense lays all the groundwork for any young player, and then contains unmatched detail and groundbreaking techniques for the advanced player.
- The video contains 8 chapters, plus sections by Sue, Chauncey, and Rick Barry.
- With fun graphics, footage from international professional basketball, cutting edge filmmaking, and demonstrations of the basketball moves by dozens of players, this video will not only improve your game, it's fun to watch.
- Like all the Better Basketball videos, Better 1 on 1 Offense, aka Scoring from the Perimeter, was written, filmed, and edited with the sole goal of helping players who have a true desire to do whatever is necessary to take their game to the next level.

- Incredibly detailed yet clearly explained techniques. All the basics for kids, and advanced concepts for high-level players & coaches.
- A training regimen and chart are included with the DVD, geared to take the guesswork out of shot development.
- Footage from men’s and women’s international pro hoops is used to illustrate the video’s techniques.
- An entire chapter dedicated to women, including an interview with WNBA star Shay Doron.
- The DVD contains professional filmmaking and detailed, precise graphics. They will facilitate your ability to easily learn the techniques, and make Better Shooting 2 enjoyable to watch.

- Teaches all the basics for youngsters, then dives into advanced moves and techniques for older players and pros
- Ideal for coaches trying to improve their players' dribbling abilities.
- 115 dribbling drills demonstrated by 12-year-old dribbling phenom Andy Garcia.
- Detailed sections explaining how and when to use moves like the Crossover, Spin, Behind the Back, Power Spin, Stutter Step, Pull-Back Crossover, and the Half-Spin and Lean-In.

- Coaches need stoppers, defense wins championships. This video isn't for the selfish player, it's for the player who wants to win.
- Details the keys to shutting down every type of scorer - penetrating guards, post players, slashers, and shooters.
- Explains, in detail, how to defend the toughest situations (such as guarding a player in triple threat), most dangerous moves (such as the crossover), and most frustrating situations (such as a bigger player slowly backing you down).

- Is it possible to develop qualities like court sense, vision, and the instinctive ability to make the right pass at the right time? The answer, thanks to this video, is yes! With Better Passing's 42 game situations, you'll learn how to read the court and develop that sixth sense that all great passers have.
- For each of the 42 situations, you'll learn how to quickly read your teammates, the defense, what pass to make, and where to make it.
- Also contains 13 game hints and passing principles, 16 fun passing drills, the 22 types of passes, and more.

- You'll not only get the fundamentals of playing inside, but also four chapters on scoring, the mentality of a great post player and two chapters devoted to just getting open.
- You'll get 61 minutes from NBA All-Star Jermaine O'Neal. Intelligent, a great speaker, and a student of the game, Jermaine dives into incredible detail on playing inside, and also explains his off season training secrets, how he dominates the defensive end and the boards, and much more.
- Then, 37 minutes from the leading vote getter for the 2006 WNBA All-Star game, Tamika Catchings. She discusses playing inside, her three favorite moves, dealing with the stresses of professional basketball, even what it takes to make the pros.
- Thanks to eye popping graphics, demonstrations by over 30 players, and footage from five different locations, the video is not just a great improvement tool, it's fun to watch.

- the most advanced player improvement video ever produced. The techniques in this video will increase your basketball IQ, and help you develop a set of skills the vast majority of players do not possess.
- Explains the basics of moving without the ball for younger players, but much of the DVD is geared toward advanced concepts for high-level players and coaches.
- How to react to your teammate’s dribble penetration, an essential skill because the drive is the most common offensive act in basketball today. Included in this chapter is an explanation of the Circle Movement.
- Contains bonus sections from Hall-of-Famer Nancy Lieberman and future Hall-of-Famer Jason Kidd.

The newest addition to the Better Basketball video collection is JJ Redick's only instructional video. JJ Redick plays for the Orlando Magic and is the Atlantic Coast Conference's all-time leading scorer while playing collegiately at Duke University. Don't wait, check it out today.