It may seem a little odd, but I've watched at least 3 San Diego (USD) games this year. I say them lose to Stephen F. Austin, then beat Kentucky and tonight they beat conference opponent and top 25 ranked St. Mary's. Their motion offense under first year coach Bill Grier is still baffling to me which may explain their inconsistency this year. It seems to me that it is a combination of a lot of different offenses. It's mostly a 4-out 1-in, but with some blocker-mover, swing and flex principles. Here is what it looked like in a couple of sequences tonight,

Still confused?? So am I. I'll try breaking down a few things, but as I'm trying to figure it out myself, please excuse me if I'm butchering it.

4-out 1-in Blocker-Mover Motion:

For simplicity sake, I'm calling it a 4-out 1-in blocker-mover motion offense. The offense is designed to get the ball into the post as it's primary option.

There really is not starting set the Torreros use. But one thing is constant, and that is their center on the right block. The primary option is to get the ball to their center, Gyno Pomare. If not, they reverse the ball.

I say it's a blocker mover offense because it appears to me that they have 2 blockers, O3 and O4 and 2 movers, O1 and O2 in this offense. They reverse the ball, and like the swing, they use a cut/replace on the weak side. O2 shuffles to the corner. O4 and O1 do a dribble handoff.

O1 drives, gets stopped, then O2 comes around the flex down screen for the handoff. Nothing is there so they reset the motion.


The offense appears to be complex to implement. Like the Bo Ryan Swing Offense, they try to get the ball into the post. Like Bobby Knight's Blocker-Mover Offense, they use a series of multiple screen the screener. Like the Flex, they use down screens and baseline screens. Give Bill Grier time, I think he's building something special there at USD, with the right mix of players, the Torreros could be really good. As far as I know, Grier is an excellent recruiter so that should mean good things to come.

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