First, just want to say it was a great day in sports for me today as Team Canada won the World Junior Hockey Championships and the Seattle Seahawks beat the Redskins. I watched a couple of basketball games, and the MWC matchup between New Mexico and Wyoming was crazy to watch. New Mexico came back from a 16 game deficit to take the lead, then give it up, then win it in OT. The Lobos didn't run much of Steve Alford's 2-out 3-in motion offense as Wyoming used a lot of zone. I was able to catch this one set play by the Lobos against M2M defense. It reminds me of a play that Tom Izzo at Michigan St. likes to use. I'm sure that all those Big 10 matchups against Michigan St. left it's imprint on coach Alford. Anyways, watch the video and read my thoughts below,

MSU uses this wing flex as one of their quick hitters for either a 3-pointer by Drew Neitzel or for a low-post entry. Here, NM uses it in combination with a dribble handoff for a very effective 3-pointer play.

Wing Flex to Dribble Handoff 3-pointer:

The play starts in a 2-3 high set. O1 reverses the ball from the right side to the left-side wing.

It's important that when O1 passes off and cuts to the basket, he looks for the ball on the cut. If you look at the video again, O1 is actually open going to the basket. O2 waits for a 2-3 second count then also cuts to the basket. It's important to wait so as to not get in the way of O1's basket cut.

O4 pops out after setting the UCLA up-screen for O1. O3 passes it to O4 on the pop out, then O3 immediately goes to set a flex down screen for O2. O5 sets a similar flex down screen for O1.

At this point, O4 can choose to dribble to either wing. In this case, he dribbles to the left wing. O2 comes off the wing down-screen and curls around O4 dribble right at him. O4 does a handoff and screens O2's defender. O2 shoots the open 3-pointer, and of course he nails it for this highlight clip.


I have clips of Steve Alford's 2-out 3-in motion offense when NM played Texas Tech earlier in the season. You see, Coach Bobby Knight does not believe in playing much zone so NM ran it almost exclusively there. Let me know if you want me to upload that one.

New Mexico proved widely inconsistent. Sign of a team still adjusting to new head coach Steve Alford. The MWC will not be a cakewalk, UNLV, BYU and Utah are all very good. Wyoming proved that when they can make shots, they are also dangerous. I think if the Lobos can stay in the top 2, they can make the NCAA's.

If you're interested in the 2-out 3-in motion offense, Steve Alford's DVD on his 2-out 3-in motion offense. Enjoy the rest of the weekend as most of you coaches get ready to go back to school and practices on Monday don't forget to head over to the X's and O's of Basketball Forum to talk hoops.