As a semi-fan of the Toronto Raptors (ever since the Grizzlies left Vancouver), I've followed them off and on the last decade or so. From reading a lot of Raptors blogs and discussion boards lately a lot of people have been wanting the Raptors to use some more of a motion-based offense, especially when Chris Bosh is not on the floor. From watching most of the first half of the early game today between the Raptors and Blazers it appears that the Raptors are trying a new box motion offense. I didn't see the second half of the game, but obviously it's still a work in progress.

I agree with those people who think a motion-based offense would work well for the Raptors. When Chris Bosh is not on the floor, the Raptors offense appears stagnant with players like Darrick Martin jacking up ill-advised shots with 15 seconds left on the clock. Here is a clip with the couple of times the Raptors ran their new box motion,

So, the first sequence results with Bosh getting blocked, and the second is a turnover. But with a little work, the motion should give players more opportunities to score.

Box Motion:

The Raptors run a lot of sets out of a 1-2-2 with 2 forwards high and 2 guards low and in the corners. The box is convenient because it's similar to their 1-2-2 set with the guards setup at the blocks.

O4 and O5 set the double pick for O2 and O3 to curl around. O2 comes around first all the way around. If open, O1, Calderon looks to get it into O2.

O3 starts the delay curl and once O2 clears out, O3 curls and has the choice of cutting in between the forwards or going all the way around. I think going all the way around is much better because Calderon can't make a pass in between so many people if O3 ducks in between. O2 clears all the way to the weak-side corner.

If none of those options are open, O5 set screen for Chris Bosh who goes and sets a ball screen for Calderon. From here, it's just PNR basketball between Calderon and Bosh (which they mess up both times in the clip).


The Raptors obviously need more practice (which I gather they don't get much of with the 82 games they play) with the motion offense to be more effective. I actually like the way UConn runs their box which is similar but I like the way they use that player in the corner better.

If you like box offenses, take a look at Kelvin Sampson's Multiple Option Box Offense. Coach Sampson has some really great insights into motion principles. To discuss this and many more of your favorite basketball topics, head over to the X's and O's of Basketball Forum to talk with other coaches from around the world.